Crafts have always been a passion of mine.  Years ago I made Afghans, baby blankets, hats, sweaters, booties, and crib blankets.  After so many years knitting and crocheting, I yearned for something else to try my hand at. 


While on vacation in New England, I became infatuated with Angels.  I decided then that my next project would be to start making Guardian Angel Pins.  I figured, everyone needs an angel on his or her shoulder!  While still on vacation, I started researching styles, materials, and price.  When I wasnít researching I was doing sketches of my ideas for the pins.  There are many different pins out there, but I wanted to design my own, pins from my own imagination. 


Angel Babies Fashion Jewelry originally started as a hobby, something I enjoyed doing when not working as a Night Auditor.  Then friends and family members would ask me to make them an angel pin for the holidays or for special occasions as gifts.  Because the orders kept coming in and wouldnít slow down, I ended up making my hobby a full time job.  I began charging and was making more money then my Night Auditor job!  And this is something that I LOVE doing. 


When I am not filling my orders, I am a housewife with two African Gray Congo Birds, Babypdge and Babydoc.  Babypdge is out 3-year old who has at least a 500-word vocabulary.  Babydoc is only 9 months and is trying hard to catch up to his older friend.  Babypdge gets very upset when she talks to Babydoc and never gets a response; she hasnít figured out that Babydoc canít talk yet! 


My husband, Al, is a big help with this business.  He helps out at nights, weekends, and any days off of his full time job.  He enjoys seeing the final product and the many responses from happy and satisfied customers. Al has been a GREAT help with the business; running to the store for supplies, going to the post office to mail our orders.  If it wasn't for Al, there wouldn't be an Angel Babies Fashion Jewelry business.  


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