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Feel like a kid AGAIN on Valentine's Day......

Do you remember when.........??????
YOU sent your first Valentine's Day card to that someone special?
And wrote from Guess Who?
And watched that person to see.....
IF they knew who sent your special wonderful card.
Did she ever find out it was from you? can send her a very special Guardian Angel Pin
AND put from Guess Who?
AND feel like a kid again.
Send them to your Mother~Wife~Girlfriend~Sister
or that someone special.

Candy.....No Way....she is trying to lose weight.
Flowers.....No Way.....they wilt and die.
Guardian Angel Pins ......YES......they stay with us forever.
And every time she looks at her angel it will remind her of you.
What a warm, wonderful feeling and you will always be close to her heart.

***CONTEST~ To Help Celebrate Happy Hearts Day !! ~CONTEST***

To enter my contest you have to order 1 pin at $10.00 plus $1.50 S&H and be
one of the FIRST 10 People to email me a note saying in 25 words or less why
your sweetheart is special to you. In return I will send you a special angel
pin of your choice for her. HURRY AND ENTER MY CONTEST.
Valentine's Day is almost here AND YOU want to be one of those 10 special

Send all orders to Angel Babies


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